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PDF book + videoclips
Technique of Kettlebell Sport

by Andrey Kuzmin

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Excellent book at an excellent price. It definitely fills a large void in
American kettlebell sport.

Gene Schwartz

I ordered the PDF book yesterday just for kicks and let me tell you that it was worth the short money I spent.
I found the book to be well thought out. Full of usefull info for anyone training with Kettlebells. I dont focus on competition just on fitness and found the book was a perfect addition to Pavel's tapes and books. Knowledge is power. It was laid out in a easy to read format with pictures to go along with what he was saying.
All in all a very good book


I am impressed my your explanations in a language that is not your
first, as well as the numbers you have put up.

Sean Maguire

If you are serious about increasing your competition lifts you need this book. I can't believe it, my numbers have increased without extra training. All I did was study Andrey's technique descriptions and I got instantly better. "The Technique Of Kettlebell Sport" solves problems. Thank you Andrey for giving Russian secrets to the rest of the world.

Gavin Hurt

The book looks great, and the photo and video section will be a hit with buyers. I wish you the best with this
book my friend,

Chris (USA, Los Angeles, California)

If you''re looking for the essential reference to the competition lifts, look no further. Andrey presents each lift and breaks it down to its component parts. He offers detailed explanations of how to perform the lifts. His companion videos reinforce his instruction and show you exactly what proper technique should look like. If you are serious about competing in GS, you need this book. Buy it today!

Jim Robertson

Andrey, As you know, I have purchased all three of your books. While I do not plan in competing in kettlebell lifting, I think your books are important in that it teaches correct technique and they provide training insights into achieving a higher level of strength/endurance. With respect to good technique, I personally believe that it is important for safe training and to eliminate another variable in determining our progress. What I mean by this is many noncompetitors will measure improvements in physical condition by the increase in number are repetitions that they are able to perform. If the increase is a result of improved technique, this measure may not necessarily translate into improved physical condition. I believe that if you use good technique, you may have a better measure of improvements in physical condition. Your description of the snatch and C&J are much better than others that I have read. For the non-sportsman, I recommend Andrey's first and third books.


I ordered this book the other day, and it was worth every penny to me.

The text helps me keep focused on the three or four most important elements of the lifts, and the major mistakes you can make in your technique. The videos are even more helpful than the text.

My LC is more efficient (and less painful) and the snatch is a little easier as well.


Buy now - only $9.95

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by www.GirevoySport.ru.

You can buy my new PDF book "Technique Of Kettlebell Sport" by Andrey Kuzmin plus 11 video files of technique of jerk, snatch and long cycle NOW!!!


This book describes all general detailes and secrets of technique of jerk, snatch and long cycle. When you will read this book, you will know ALL information, you need to achieve very good technique.

My good technique lets me achieved 1037 one arm jerksof 16 kg kettlebell in 60 minutes, without any rest at 18 years old and about 65 kg of own weight!!!

Besides, you will have 11 videoclips, which give very much information about right technique!

I took party in Russian National Championship, and I know what is really good technique!

When you spend a lot of money to buy videotapes of competition, you can see good technique, but you can not understand how they do it and why they do it. And you cannot see all detailes. Now you can see and UNDERSTAND what is really good technique and what you should do and why you should do all detailes for achieve good technique, a like you can see on tapes or in my videoclips. I sure you know, technique is VERY IMPORTANT in kettlebell sport. This book contents usual mistakes in technique and HOW TO FIX these MISTAKES IN YOUR TECHNIQUE!





About myself

I. Jerk

1) Cleaning the kettlebells to the chest (rack)position

2) Rack position with kettlebells on the chest

3) Beginning the jerk from the chest and the first knee dip

4) The second knee dip

5) Fixation

6) Lowering the kettlebells to the chest

7) Lowering of the kettlebells from the chest on down


1) Grip

2) Beginning the lift

3) Acceleration

4) End of the lift

5) Fixation

6) Lowering of the kettlebell

III. Technical Mistakes in the Jerk and Snatch

a) Mistakes In Jerk Technique

b) Mistakes In Snatch Technique

IV. More Notes on the Snatch: Magnesia, Chalk, and Calluses

V. Some photos

VI. Videos

Some last words


Buy now - only $9.95

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by www.GirevoySport.ru.

Andrey Kuzmin

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