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Encyclopedia of KB exercises

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I have it, and would like to say that it's excellent value for money!

Shows all the exercises, with description underneath. You can slow the videos right down to really get a look at the details too.

Get it, much cheaper than a DVD, plus Andrey will always give a little advice!

Chris Gordon, UK

The Encyclopedia of KB Exercises is a real pleasure to study, and one heck of a bargain for the money.

The format seems ideal -- usually when I buy training DVD's, I wish there were some more in-depth explanations, and when I buy books, I wish I could see the action performed. Generally I'll wind up buying both so one can make up for what the other one lacks.
And of course dropping a lot of money on what is really a single product covering the same exercises.

Andrey's Encyclopedia gave me both written instruction and, right above that, videos showing the movements, all in one place at the same time. It's easy to glance back and forth between the two to keep things clear. And it's all very adjustable, to personalize and pace the studying -- you can make the letters large and very easy to read, and you can pause the videos, run them in slow motion, rewind them in increments, or just watch them loop until you feel like you've gotten the essence of the movements and are ready to go try them out.

And there are a lot to try out, from the presses, swings, cleans, and snatches one might expect, to kettlebell variations of more familiar weightlifting exercises, to unusual variations like the Side Snatch, Two Hands Anyhow, Waiter's Press, and even some juggling. Andrey's girevoy sport background makes his version of some of these exercises slightly different from the ones you might see elsewhere, and that adds a little extra to the learning experience too.

All in all, I really got a lot out of the Encyclopedia, including a happy sense of surprise that there were still so many ways to use kettlebells that I didn't know even after buying multiple KB books and videos previously. The encyclopedia didn't just teach me; it reminded me to keep looking for new ways to have fun and challenge myself with kettlebells.

-- Marc Iverson


Andrey has employed typical Russian ingenuity to devise a simple and easy to use, yet sophisticated and comprehensive training aide. The program provides a quick and convenient solution to learning and mastering the many kettlebell exercises. By watching an expert in action you can appreciate the subtleties of technique vital to safely mastering the drills. There is no substitute for practise , and the range of exercises presented enable infinitely varied freestyle workouts which can be tailored according to the girevik's ambitions. Novices and intermediate lifters will feast on a smorgasbord of exercises whilst advanced users will appreciate the breadth of material which can be incorporated into an efficient cross-training schedule . Thanks Andrey for keeping the fun in strength fitness , and for presenting the material in such an easy-to-use format. Excellent value!

Dr Paul Tucker


The KB exercise encyclopedia is the best real world reference guide I have ever used. You can break down each movement frame by frame and perfect your form on all key kettlebell exercises. It is amazing to see how effortless Andrey makes the exercises look. I have purchased many products over the years. The KB exercise encyclopedia is worth it's weight in gold.

Doug Nepodal, Owner
Better Bodies Personal Training


The first thing that strikes one is the originality of the format itself, one can view the video clips while reading the instructions, i think this is the kind of format one looks for while buying softcopies of the physical instruction books, without requiring to buy a separate video tape to see in action whatever has been written in text. There are also buttons for playback and controlling the speed of the clips.

He covers a lot of kb exercises(60 plus!!!), and some of them like external snatch,side snatch were completely new to me , also has some juggling videos(really awesome) - as all of us familiar with his work know he is really strong and a master at his craft.

I found his instructions to the point and the video clips demonstrates the ideal form (though i suppose some of the purists in this forum would be taken aback watching him curl a kbell ). He has mentioned breath synchronization methods as well(important in my opinion)for each exercise.

In my opinion a very good product in every way( presentation , content and cost )and i hope to see more products in such formats

Soumen Paul


This is very impressive,
The best part of it is you have a well organized interphase design
Easy to find the video demo of the excercise you want to "see"
The content has most of the kettlebell excercies I have seen or heard
of, I think only "windmills" is not on the list!

Your program is excellent,
so easy to use helps me to "properly" include some extra excercises...

This is a fantastic product Andrey, very innovative very easy to use
Keep up the good work

Peter M.,



I have bought Andrey's program and I'm very satisfied with it.

I have bought many books and informations about kettlebells before, they have all their worth, but this program is different: because you get in-depth description of so many kb-movements together with videos where you can turn the speed so slow that you get pictures of every sequence of the movement.

I learned many details that were new to me. I definitely recommend Andrey's encyclopedia.




I would like to take a moment of your time to comment on the quality of the kettlebell exercise film/manual that I recently purchased from you.
The format is interesting and unique! I found the text description of the exercises in combination with the video example to be a well thought out concept. With the ability to slow the images down to frame by frame speed, it is easy to study technique in detail. While I find personal instruction the very best way to learn, this format should be a close second... I have already picked up on some intricacies of technique which should be of great benefit in my training. Thank you for an excellent product, and a true bargain!

Kenny Burner,




You're new online video showing 63 exercises kettlebell exercise looks great!
I will be going through it on a regular basis; the site is very professional and will be a tremendous resource for me.
The price is exceptionally good! This is an excellent value!
As a certified personal trainer and personal defense instructor, I would highly recommend it.
Thank you again for making this available.

Frank DiMeo


I really like it. The written explanation that's goes with each exercise is a good idea, and also I like that you can freeze the video and go forwards/backwards frame by frame if you want a close look at a detail.

I can see great value in this program, especially for beginners just starting out with kettlebells, but also for the more advanced lifter who wants to add new exercises to his repertoire.

Good work, Andrey!



Buy now for only $9.95

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This new program gives you 63 different KB exercises. As far as we know there isn't another product on the market with as many KB exercises in its price range. There is an exercise for every single muscle in your body and then some.

Up until now you had to buy a book for the exercise descriptions and a DVD to see them done. That meant a hefty $75 or so leaving your pocket. The Encyclopedia of KB Exercises solves this problem at less than half the price. You can use the change towards a new KB.


Here is what the program gives you

- Videos of 63 different exercises with on screen text descriptions
- This combination of video/text leads to a better understanding of the exercise and takes into consideration different learning styles.
- The videos can be speeded up or slowed down to aid in the understanding of fine details in exercise technique.
- A frame by frame feature both forwards and backwards for technique perfectionists.
- Enough exercises to keep your workouts varied and you busy for a lifetime.
- It's easy to use and can be personalised in the settings menu.

This program is ideal for KB enthusiasts of any level. Beginners have all the exercises they would ever need whilst more experienced lifters may find new exercises to add to their arsenal. Ever heard of the Ski Swing or the Side Snatch? You can even tweak your GS lifts techniques, you never know it could lead to more reps in your next competition.


Buy now for only $9.95

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by www.GirevoySport.ru.


Check out the list of 63 exercises:

One arm Jerk
One arm Military Press
Bottom up Military Press
Double Military Press
Alternating Military Press
Competiteve Press
Two handed Military Press
Sitting one arm Military Press
Sitting Double Military Press
Sitting Alternating Military Press
Push Press
Double Snatch
Bottoms up snatch
Double bottoms up snatch
External Snatch
Side Snatch
One arm Cleans
Bottoms up one arm Cleans
Bottoms up Cleans
Two handed Swing
Double Swing
Two handed Swing Pull
Bottoms up Swing to overhead
Ski - Swing
Overhead Squat
Back Squat
Squat (KBs down by sides)
Squat (KBs on the shoulders)
Front Squat
Hack Squat
Squat Jumps
Rack Lunges
Coventional Deadlift
Sumo Deadlift
Alternating Bench Press
Bench Press
Floor Press
Two handed Bench Press
Calf Raises
Sitting Curls
Clean Curl
Side Bends
French Press
Standing French Press
Two Hands Anyhow
Upright Row
Waiter's Press
Kettlebell juggling 1 & 2
Kettlebell juggling 3
Clean and Press
Clean and push-press
Clean and Jerk (Long Cycle)
Rack Holds
Farmers Walk
Turkish Get-Up

The program is only 36Mb in size.

Buy now for only $9.95

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
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Andrey Kuzmin

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